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What db project is all About

db project is dedicated to helping the Center for Human Services Hutton House and Pathways Programs and people throughout the community of Modesto. Dave Boyatt is a music teacher/ musician who grew up and lives in Modesto. Dave and his wife Molly are honored to be able to provide an annual benefit concert, make donations, and provide clothing and hygiene items throughout the year to help people in need through local nonprofit organizations. db project has joined efforts to help CHS as well as Kingdom Love Ministries, Northern California Women's Music Festival, Teens Run Modesto, Modesto Junior College Foundation (Ernie Bucio), and Wounded Warriors in the past couple of years. The benefit concert for Center for Human Services has become the main event that db project focuses on throughout the past three years. We are hoping to raise $10,000.00 this year for CHS Hutton House and Pathways Programs

How db project got Started

I had performed at Center for Human Services annual Edible Extravaganza a couple of times in the past. It was at this event when I realized one of my long time friends Monica was in charge of putting on the event. I also learned that my niece Brittany worked for CHS and helped make this huge event happen. I wanted to learn more about Center for Human Services and what Brittany did for a career after college. Brittany invited me to their board member and donor appreciation reception where information about all of the wonderful things CHS does for our community was shared. A young adult also shared their personal story and how Pathways helped them. It was at the reception that I shared with a CHS board member that I could put on a concert and hopefully make some money for the center. He liked the idea so I went home with the idea of putting on a concert that could possibly raise $500-$1,000 for the center.

The person I immediately thought of to perform at the concert was Mic Gillette and his band. I had worked with Mic several times through my teaching job and I knew he would be perfect for the task. I spoke with Mic on the phone, he loved the idea, and we agreed on a date. The concert would be held at the State Theatre on October 18, 2014. The rest as they say is history. Well it wasn't that easy but we'll pass on the details. db project became a reality and the first benefit concert raised $3,200.00 which was more than we expected the first time out. The money raised went towards a van for the Pathways Program. 

After the first concert, I started right away on the second. I knew I wanted a local cover band called Journey Revisited. Earlier in the year of 2015, I went to the Sacramento County Fair to see Journey Revisited because I knew the drummer David Hawkes and the Guitar player Val Popovic. Honestly, I didn't think anybody could do a good job covering Journey a band I have seen in concert several times and loved since the early 80s. I was wrong, Journey Revisited was awesome with Jeff Salado on vocals, Val Popovic on lead Guitar, Kevin Jachetta on keyboards, Michael Gonzales on bass, and David Hawkes on drums. I had to book a date with them right away because their calendar filled up quickly. We decided on Saturday, July 18, 2015 only 9 months after the first benefit concert. Everything came together nicely and we raised $7,300.00 for Hutton House and Pathways Programs. 

As a result of last year’s concert, Pathways purchased much needed new mattresses for some of the apartments, bus passes for youth to get to work and appointments, office supplies and food for youth. Hutton House bought clothes, food and recreation passes for youth.

Learn More about the 3rd concert.

Monica and the New Van for Pathways Program

Mic Gillette Band

@ The State Theatre 2014

Journey Revisited

@ The State Theatre 2015

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